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Earn passive income with your expert fishing knowledge:

Guides, pros, and expert anglers are often contacted by other fishermen to give up information about where the fish are and how to make them bite. Up until now, the only way to monetize that was by taking the person on a guided trip. With the FishTips platform, you can monetize your information as a "virtual guide" by creating a digital guide service. Virtual Guides build detailed "tips" on the FishTips platform for anglers to purchase, which helps them find and expand on patterns for catching more fish. Yes, specific locations are often included and important as examples of what to look for. However, the Virtual Guides go above and beyond coordinates to build sophisticated scouting reports to provide folks with conditions, techniques, baits, patterns, and additional local information to help anglers break down the body of water quicker and find more fish. It's a great way for our Virtual Guides to make secondary passive income monetizing their information. We hope you will take a look and see our vision for helping guides scale their businesses by using our platform and tools to educate anglers and create better memories on the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can anyone sign up to be a virtual guide on the platform?

A: No. Our team of guides and fishing industry veterans vets every prospective seller on the platform and reviews credentials and qualifications.

Q: I am not a guide…How do I know if I am qualified to become a virtual guide?

A: If you have experience teaching people to fish, writing reports, speaking at seminars, or writing fishing articles, post the links or information about these items for us to review.

Q: What if I don’t want to share my waypoints with everyone?

A: You control supply which means you control demand so you can charge more and limit buyers. You can also limit the number of tips you want to sell. Also, FishTips is not a waypoints market. Offering several coordinates to the people who purchase a tip is a great example of showing them what to look for so that they can expand themselves and find more areas. Very similar to guided fishing trips in that you are taking a limited amount of people to productive areas and teaching them how to be successful.

Q: What about people selling “my spots”?

A: Our software prevents someone from copying and pasting tip information.

Q: What happens if someone purchases my tip but has a bad experience or the pattern disappears?

A: Anglers understand that fish move and that patterns change quickly. We have a message feature that has been very successful for eliminating frustration when a customer has a bad experience. They can message the virtual guide to get more guidance in how to catch fish from that tip.