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Refer a guide

Earn cash for every Guide you refer

Know a great angler who would kill it selling tips? Invite them to FishTips and earn cash payouts or store credit when they make their first sale! Don't wait for them to find FishTips on their own!

How it works:

1. Send your unique invitation link to a new guide via email or text. In order to qualify, the guide you invite must be entirely new to FishTips. Any person with an existing account is ineligible for this promotional invitation, regardless of whether or not they have previously registered as a guide or sold any tips.

2. When the new guide you invite sells their first tip, you earn a credit of 25% of the base tip price on their first sale. (I.e., if they sell a $100 tip, you earn $25.) This first tip sale must occur within 90 days of joining. Any further tip sales beyond the first will not earn additional credit. You can invite multiple new guides, but you are eligible for only one single credit per person.

3. You will receive a cash payout within 45 days of the sale if you have registered as a seller on FishTips and have successfully linked a bank account. Otherwise you will receive store credit. FishTips admins must approve all payouts.

4. This promotion does not affect the payout that the guide earns from their tip sale. (I.e., FishTips is paying for this promotion, not the guide.)

5. IMPORTANT: The guide you refer must join with your personal link for you to receive credit. It cannot be added later!